A Taste Of Asia

Taking inspiration from the  bold, aromatic, fragrant flavours of Asia  we can prepare a stunning table of appetisers or bowl food for a very special buffet suitable for any occasion.

Suggested appetisers to accompany drinks may include:

  • Thai chicken & ginger patties
  • Sesame prawn toasts
  • Mixed satay skewers & peanut sambal
  • Thai fishcakes with sweet chilli dip
  • Sushi canape platter
  • Coriander egg rolls with Thai dipping sauce
  • Vietnamese vegetarian Summer rolls

Followed by a selection of individual bowl food from the following suggestions:

  • Thai green curry with chicken & Holy basil
  • Slow-cooked Beef Massaman Curry
  • Thai Sweet Potato, Pumpkin and cashew nut curry
  • Vegetable Gado-Gado with satay sauce
  • Penang chicken curry
  • Larb – either pork or vegetarian

Served with complimentary steamed rice, Thai or prawn crackers and a fortune cookie for every guest.

These are just a few ideas. Please contact us for further suggestions.