Homemade Damson Liqueur

by / Wednesday, 28 September 2016 / Published in News, Recipes

A hot and rainy summer has resulted in branches weighed down with a profusion of ripe purple fruit. So get picking, as you’re just in time for making this rich, syrupy liquir, perfect for decanting into pretty decorative bottles for unique, personal gifts.

You Will Need:

  • A clean, sterilised glass demijohn or kilner jar, with a tight fitting lid, cork or plastic stopper.Charlie Richards Photography Limited
  • 1Kg Damsons, washed
  • 500g granulated or caster sugar, I prefer unrefined.
  • 2 bottles of vodka or gin (or some of both!)


1.Pricked the washed damsons with a cocktail stick a few times, then pop into the glass jar, filling halfway.

2. Poor the sugar over the damsons, then top up with the alcohol.

3. Seal the top well, and store in a cool, dark place, tipping on its head once a day. Do this for a week, or until the sugar has completely dissolved.

4. After a month, taste it to see if more sugar is needed. If so, add more to taste, or even a little sherry or port.

5. After three months, strain through a muslin, bottle, seal & label.

6. Present with love.

If you can resist, it is really worth leaving until next year. Hmmm……..not a chance!